4 Ways To Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Photo of an engagement ring

From engraving your initials on the inside of the band to getting a custom ring full of personal meaning, there are many excellent ways to personalize your engagement ring. Consider the following four ideas for your ring!

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Photo of an engagement ring

Custom Engagement Ring Color

Choosing the gemstone in your engagement ring is a great, popular way to imbue the ring with an extra dimension of meaning. For example, you can choose your spouse’s birthstone (e.g. a sapphire engagement ring if their birthday is in September) or choose an emerald stone as a symbol of all the great times you have had together out in the woods.

Photo of an engagement ring

The Number of Gemstones

Selecting the number of gemstones to represent some personal meaning is another great way to subtly customize your engagement ring. For example, you could get three accent diamonds on each side of the center gemstone to symbolize the past, present, and future. Whatever idea you have to add more meaning to your engagement ring, Pageo Fine Jewelers can make it happen!

Photo of an engagement ring

Feature Their Heritage

Another nice touch can be to bring in elements of their heritage’s traditional art or design motifs into the band. For example, using Celtic knots if they are of Irish lineage.

Photo of an engagement proposal

Start With Their Style

Whatever custom design decisions you have in mind for your engagement ring, make sure it’s a style that suits their interests. Perhaps peruse their Pinterest or you know what their favorite art styles are. Use all the information you have to conceive a ring concept that is just right for them.

These personal elements in your engagement ring can be very subtle, but well-worth considering. For support in designing and creating your custom engagement ring, partner with Pageo Fine Jewelers today!

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