Jewelry Repairs

Have you ever looked at your favorite piece of jewelry, only to find it showing signs of wear and tear? Don’t worry, with jewelry repair services you can bring your favorite pieces back to life. At Pageo Fine Jewelers, we offer repair services to keep your cherished jewelry looking stunning and new. No apppointment is needed, just walk in and we can help!
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Our Expert Repair Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive repair services and go beyond simply fixing your jewelry. At Pageo, we provide a complete spectrum of repairs that restore your items’ original charm. We work on all types of jewelry, even watches. Our services include:

• Ring Resizing
• Restringing
• Stone Replacement
• Prong Repair
• Chain and Clasp Repair
• Restoration of vintage pieces

The extensive services we offer help preserve the beauty and memories that your jewelry carries.
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Is it Time For a Makeover?

How do you know that it’s time to give your jewelry a fresh new look? Several signs suggest it might be time for a makeover. If your jewelry is broken, has missing stones, or chipped gems, these are clear indications that repair is needed.

Overtime, jewelry can begin to show signs of wear and tear and develop weak points as the metal starts to thin. Regular maintenance and repairs can help prolong the lifespan of your pieces.

Outdated pieces can also benefit from a modern update. If your jewelry no longer matches your style, consider repairing or repurposing it into new pieces you love. With repair services, the possibilities for rejuvenating your jewelry are limitless.
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Why Choose Pageo Fine Jewelers?

For over 45 years, Pageo Fine Jewelers has specialized in general jewelry repairs. We work with some of the best jewelers and goldsmiths in the industry. Each one of our team members treats each piece with the utmost care as if it were our own. We value the jewelry you bring into our jewelry shop because we know that these are treasured pieces in your collections. Whether they are family heirlooms, rings with special meaning, or pieces that serve as important reminders, we take great care and pride in making them shine like new. If you are ready to have your pieces repaired or transformed, drop by Pageo Fine Jewelers’ Newton or Nantucket location or schedule a virtual appointment today!
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