Can You Resize Titanium Wedding Bands?

Titanium has become a popular choice for wedding bands in recent years, owing to its lightweight yet incredibly strong composition. If you've chosen a titanium ring for your wedding band, you'll surely treasure its beauty and durability for the many happy years of your marriage. But what happens when you need to resize a titanium ring? You may have heard it can't be done.


The truth is, titanium rings can be resized—to a certain extent. Unlike softer metals, titanium rings usually are crafted from a solid piece of titanium. Because of this, resizing is not a matter of melting the metal to make the necessary adjustments. Jewelers instead will have to consider several factors before determining whether a titanium ring can be properly resized.


There are certain styles of titanium rings that should not undergo reshaping. This includes rings with inlays or gemstone settings, and ultra-thin "stealth" rings. Any kind of stretching or compressing of the metal is likely to split or otherwise damage the shape of inlays and settings.


In the case of a ring being too snug, the most effective way to enlarge titanium jewelry is by carefully shaving off the inside surface of the ring to make some wiggle room.  Most jewelers who use this process can increase a titanium ring measurement by up to 1/2 a ring size. If your ring must be increased by more than that, it may need to be re-crafted.


When a titanium ring fits too loosely, the best solution is to add material to the inside of the band effectively reducing its size. Jewelers will often use tightening rods to help a ring fit more snugly without sacrificing comfort. The downside to downsizing in this way is that you may end up altering any engraving that may be etched on the inside band.


Titanium jewelry is known for being lightweight and comfortable, resistant to bending, and timelessly beautiful.  Don't let the myth that titanium rings are impossible to resize sway you from committing to a titanium wedding band. The best way to ensure your titanium ring will fit perfectly is by having your finger sized by a professional jeweler. Contact Pageo Fine Jewelers today for more information.