How Often Should You Clean Your Engagement Ring?

A diamond engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of love you proudly display, rarely taking it off. Unfortunately, this makes it vulnerable to anything you touch with your hands. So, how often should you clean your engagement ring? That's simple: every two weeks, once a month, and twice a year.

Every Two Weeks

Dirt and grime build-up happen daily. A simple way to maintain a vibrant engagement ring is a gentle scrub every two weeks using a soft toothbrush and dish washing soap. Vigorous scrubbing can lead to loose stones or even scratches. The frequency of this gentle brush cleaning will prevent visible build-up from occurring. 

Once a Month

Submerge your engagement ring in a cleansing solution a short time once a month to dissolve any dirt and grime you may have missed. Although diamonds are tough and resilient, avoid submerging them for a prolonged period of time, and avoid using harsh chemicals. This submerging cleanse is effective in cleaning hard to reach areas that are not easily noticeable but affect the shine of the stones.

Twice a Year

To ensure your engagement ring remains dazzling, it is recommended that it be examined by a professional every six months. This is usually covered by the warranty. However the nominal fee if this service is not included is well worth it to preserve the integrity of the ring. A professional will have access to tools for cleaning you will not have at home and can check for loose stones or bent prongs before further damage requires expensive repairs. 


Your engagement ring is an expression of love. Following these easy cleaning recommendations will protect the brilliance of your ring's stones and the setting and will protect against damage. The beauty of your engagement ring will endure for many years to come.