Ring Sizing

When you are shopping for diamond engagement rings, it is important to find the perfect size. Many people don't realize that ring sizing can be a complicated process. Our team at Pageo Fine Jewelers provides some tips on how to take your ring size so that you can be sure to choose a ring that's the perfect size. We want to make the ring buying process as stress-free as possible, so we've also included information to find you or your partner's ring size simple. And if you're still unsure about finding the right ring size, our team at Pageo Fine Jewelers can help you create a custom engagement ring that's perfect for you. Learn more and get in touch with our team in Newton and Nantucket, MA today!

Why Is Ring Sizing Important?

Ring sizing might not be the most exciting step in the process of buying diamond engagement rings, but it is crucial. The ring you choose should be comfortable to wear every day. It shouldn't be too loose that it falls off and gets lost, but it also shouldn't be so tight that it's uncomfortable. If you choose a ring size that's too small, you can always have the ring resized. But if you choose a ring size that's too large, you'll need to buy a new ring. That's why it's important to take the time to find your perfect ring size before you purchase an engagement ring.

How To Measure Your Ring Size

There are a few different ways that you can measure your ring size. The most accurate way to find your ring size is to come in to our stores in Newton or Nantucket, MA and an expert jeweler will measure your finger. But if you don't have time to visit a jeweler, there are a few other methods you can use. You can Book a Virtual Appointment, or use a ring sizer tool, which you can purchase online or at a local jewelry store. To use a ring sizer, simply wrap the strip of metal around your finger and mark where it meets. Then, you can measure the strip of metal with a ruler to find your ring size. Another way to measure your ring size is to use a ruler or a tape measure. First, find a ring that fits you well and measure the inside diameter of the ring. Then, use the chart below to convert your measurement into a ring size. Additionally, you can use a string, paper, and ruler to measure your ring size. First, wrap the string or paper around your finger. Then, use a ruler to measure the length of the string or paper. Once you have your measurement, use a ring chart to convert your measurement into a ring size.

Ring Size Chart

Now that you know how to measure your ring size, it's time to find your perfect fit with our ring size chart. Simply find your measurement on the chart below and you'll have your ring size!

Find Your Ring Size Today

Pageo Fine Jewelers is proud to offer a wide selection of diamond engagement rings. Our team of jewelry experts can help you find the perfect ring to symbolize your love. Visit us today and let us help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring for your special someone. We are committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for our customers.
If you’re not sure what size ring they need, we offer a complimentary ring sizing service so you can find the perfect fit. Pageo Fine Jewelers is proud to be the leading jeweler in Newton and Nantucket, MA. We are a family-owned business with over 45 years of experience in the diamond engagement ring industry. Get in touch with us today to learn more!
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