How To Wear A Pear Shaped Diamond

Choosing the right diamond shape can make all the difference when finding the perfect ring for your loved one. Pear-shaped diamonds are exquisite and stand out from the rest of the diamond shapes. Since they are so different, there can be confusion about just how to wear and set these diamonds. However, there is a right way to wear a pear-shaped diamond. 

What Is A Pear-Shaped Diamond?

A pear-shaped diamond is characterized by its uniqueness with its different shaped edges. Pear-shaped diamonds will have one rounded edge and one pointed edge, giving them their pear shape. It is also referred to as a teardrop shape by some. 

These diamonds stand out from other stone shapes because they are one of the few to have different shaped edges, while most other diamond shapes are symmetrical. 

Is There A Right Way To Wear A Pear-Shaped Diamond?

Yes, the correct way to wear a pear-shaped diamond is with the round edge down and the pointed edge towards your fingertip. This is the most widely popularized way to wear a pear-shaped diamond.

Why Should You Wear Your Pear Shaped Diamond The Correct Way?

Wearing your pear-shaped diamond the correct way makes it visually more appealing when you are showing your diamond to someone. Having the pointed edge toward your fingertip will make the diamond appear more brilliant and will draw the viewer's attention down your finger, elongating the diamond. 

Who Are Pear Shaped Diamonds For?

Pear-shaped diamonds are a distinct shape that will leave people wanting to take a second look. These types of diamonds are for anyone who is looking for a classic stone, but with a bit of flare. They look incredible in many settings and will never go out of style. 

If you are ready to take the plunge and purchase the pear-shaped diamond of your lover's dream, let our professional jewelers help make your dreams a reality. Our experienced staff is here to answer all of your questions and guide you to the perfect diamond. Contact us to make your appointment today!