Is The Bride Supposed To Buy The Groom's Wedding Band?

The happy soon-to-be bride and groom are floating through the air dreaming about their wedding day that is soon to come when the question strikes: Who is supposed to buy the groom's wedding band? 

What Tradition Tells Us

Society has made it very clear that the groom purchases the bride's wedding ring as a part of a long-standing tradition, but what about the groom's band? Those who wish to continue with tradition should rest assured that the bride is the one who is supposed to purchase the wedding band for the groom. The bride should have enough knowledge and understanding of their soon-to-be spouse to pick out a band that he will love. 

Breaking Away From Tradition

Getting away from wedding traditions is increasingly popular with modern couples. explains that each individual couple gets to set their own "rules" as far as who purchases the wedding band: 

Nowadays, as we've explained above, who buys the wedding bands is really up to the couple. Go ahead and gift each other wedding bands ahead of the big day, or work out a different payment plan with each other and/or your families. 

Modern couples have to weigh considerations such as their budgets as well as their comfort with being surprised. Some couples insist that they want to be surprised by what the wedding band will look like on the wedding day itself. Other couples are terrified by that prospect and would prefer to have input on what their wedding band will look like ahead of time. After all, the wedding band is forever, so it is a very important decision to make. 

The most important advice to give any soon-to-be newlyweds is to communicate with one another openly. There is not a right way or wrong way to select who purchases the wedding band. The real question is exactly what works for the couple themselves. They should try as much as possible to avoid allowing outside input to have an outsized impact on their decisions. They are the only ones who need to be happy with it at the end of the day.