Find the Perfect Diamond Ring Style and Size

You may be thinking about gifting your special someone with a diamond ring in 2023. If that’s the case, Pageo Jewelers has what you’re looking for! We’re here to help you find and size the perfect diamond ring for your loved one, whether it’s a gift to celebrate another year of your love or it’s an engagement ring to start your life together.

Figuring Out Their Ring Size

Before you get started shopping for rings, an important step is to figure out his or her ring size. This is important because it’ll help you create the perfect moment of letting them put a perfectly-fitted ring on their finger once you’ve given it to them. If they already have some rings, you can use those to estimate their ring size, or try bringing it up in casual conversation before you go ring shopping. You can also reference our free user-friendly ring sizing guide to help you along the way.

Learning Their Ring Preferences

Of course, if you’re talking about rings and sizing, it’s also a good idea to learn a little more about the style, cut, and colors they prefer in a diamond ring. While clear, round diamonds are generally popular for engagement rings, some people prefer square, cushion, or pear-shaped diamonds and they may have a particular metal color preference or prefer colored stones along with the diamond.

Finding the Right Diamond for Your Ring

Once you’ve figured out their preferences, your work is cut out for you! Use the Diamond Search tool on our website to find the diamond that they’ve been dreaming of! Filter your search by color, cut, clarity, and shape to find the ring that is perfect for him or her.

Sizing the Perfect, Customized Diamond Ring

Once you’ve found the perfect diamond, our team will work with you to place it in a band they’ll love wearing and that will fit them right away. With your perfect, customized diamond ring in hand, the last step is just to give it to him or her!

The expert staff at Pageo Fine Jewelers can help you size the perfect diamond ring for that special someone! Visit our website to browse or stop by one of our locations to see our selection or customize a diamond ring in-person!

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