What Is A Mine Cut Diamond?

The jewelry industry has several words and phrases with so much context that it requires explanation. Among them is the old mine cut diamond, which are antique diamonds featuring squarish shapes with soft, curved edges like modern cushion cut diamonds. If you're shopping for an authentic old mine cut diamond ring, here is what you need to know.

What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

The old mine cut diamond is a vintage diamond cut predominant from around the late 1800s to the early 1900s. It is the antecedent of the modern diamond cut, but comprises several elements that remain unique to date. The old mine cut diamond is widely known for its bulky uneven shape, a tiny table, and eye-visible culet.

The stone has one of the oldest recognized diamond cuts, popularized in the early 18th century. Furthermore, the diamond is hand-cut, and this gives it a unique and slightly "rustic" appearance to make the stone more appealing to the marketplace.

Key Features Of An Old Mine Cut Diamond

  • Squarish shape: The old mine cut diamond comes in many forms, but has larger faceted surfaces than modern cuts. The stone's shape is uneven with an almost square cut and soft, curved edges, giving it an asymmetrical shape.
  • Non-sparkle appearance: Old mine cut diamonds have smaller tables, higher crowns, and 58 facets that sparkle under candlelight. However, mine cut diamonds do not sparkle brilliantly like modern cut diamonds.
  • Unique design: The cut presents uneven facets with magnificent cuts, giving this diamond stone a unique, beautiful design.

Why Choose An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

  • Eco-friendly: Mine cut diamonds are recycled and reused without successive demands on the environment, making them ecologically sound.
  • Meets the demand for vintage and antique styles: Old mine cut diamonds offers an enormous vintage and antique style that beautifully sets into your engagement ring.
  • Singularity: Depending on the very nature of how old mine cut diamonds are produced, these stones retain their uniqueness and individuality that stands out.

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