What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Few diamond cuts make it easier to see the stone's imperfections, while Asscher Cut diamonds are subtle and sophisticated. These stones deliver mesmerizing patterns of light and dark, although not too technical, for a perfect shape, look, and style.


An Asscher Cut diamond is an octangular diamond with a square silhouette and layered facets. It is precisely cut to ooze a brilliant presence and quiet elegance for a unique, clean design. The Asscher Diamond Cut was first designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, grandson of the company's founder, and regained popularity in 2002.


  • Design: The Asscher Cut diamond includes straight-edged facets, giving it a unique design referred to as square emerald. The two shapes include a signature point of a gleaming cut for a perfect square look.
  • Appearance: Like the luminous round diamond, an Asscher diamond often has 58 facets arranged with a one-off vintage appearance. Besides, it features a hall of mirror layer with a dark and bright facade.
  • Shape: The diamond is equal in length and width but with angled corners to give it an octagonal shape. This makes it has a round-like cut and a perfect square with comparable dimensions.


Due to its uniqueness, choosing an Asscher Cut diamond requires patience because it includes a transparent stone that takes more time to learn thresholds. This enables you to select the perfect Asscher Cut diamond for better results. Here's how to choose an Asscher Cut diamond;

  • Clarity: The right Asscher diamond should have a grade above VS1 or VS2 because lower grade levels allow inclusions and weigh 1.5 carats or more.
  • Color: With fewer facets to break up the light, it is hard to hide color imperfections in any Asscher Cut diamond. Always disregard any stone below "G" of the color scale and consider colors that match your existing stone if you plan to add smaller stones around it.


An Asscher Cut diamond reveals your inner essence, and it is an ideal stone to design a perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be. This guide gives you groovy insights into this unique, clean diamond and how to choose a suitable stone.

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