What Is Aquamarine?

What makes aquamarine stand out? The rarity? Market value? Or the prestige? Whatever you choose, there is so much to learn about aquamarine. In this article, you will learn more about this unique jewelry that is a darling to many and dominates the market. 

 Let's dive in.

What Is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a general name used to refer to gemstones within the Beryl family. Other gemstones under the Beryl family include Goshenite, Yellow Beryl, Emerald, and Morganite. 

Aquamarine sets itself apart from these other gemstones with its dazzling appearance, unmatched clarity, and distinct sparkle. Another thing that makes aquamarine a force to reckon with is its predominance in water. 

Characteristics Of Aquamarine

Forget about the general features described above since aquamarine has more to offer. First things first, this gem has a hexagonal crystal system, which is so rare. As the demand for hyped gems goes down, aquamarine people are opting for alternative options, and this is where aquamarine comes in. 

This highly sophisticated gem is the face of sophistication, with gem collectors and enthusiasts rushing to get a piece of it. Unlike other gems that fade within a short time, aquamarine retains its glow, making it the go-to choice.

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