The Endless Bracelet

Permanent Jewelry

From friendship bracelets to gifts from loved ones, jewelry is often more than just an accessory — it's a reminder of the people in your life that you care about. At Pageo Fine Jewelers in Newton, MA, we understand that when your jewelry represents a strong bond, you want to keep that piece on your person at all times. That’s why we are now offering permanent jewelry- the Endless Bracelet! Read more about how this service and FAQ's below, then contact us for an appointment!



Does it hurt!

Nope!  We have a special machine that applies heat to the metal bracelet only.  It's completely painless and happens with a quick flash of light.


What about Airport security?

The TSA will not ask you to remove fine jewelry.  Your Endless bracelet can go with you wherever you go!


Is it really permanent?

Our Endless bracelets are made from 14k gold or sterling silver.  They are durable and made to last for as long as you want to keep them on.  Some medical procedures such as MRI's may require you to remove all jewelry.  Or you may decide for some other reason, you want to remove your bracelet.  If that is the case, simply cut the bracelet off with wire cutters or scissors.

  Due to the nature of this piece of jewelry, Endless Bracelet sales are final.


Whether it's to symbolize the bond with your friends or family, or you just want one for yourself, permanent jewelry from Pageo Fine Jewelers in Newton, MA is the place to go to get the one accessory you’ll never lose. Book an Endless Bracelet appointment today!


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