How Does A Diamond Tester Work?

There are various ways to tell whether a diamond is real or fake; however, most methods available are not 100% reliable. But when using a diamond tester, you can quickly tell if you are dealing with an authentic stone. But how does a diamond tester work? Read on to find out.

What Is A Diamond Tester? 

A diamond tester is a portable, pocket-sized device used to test materials, such as diamond stones. It utilizes its thermal and electrical conductivity characteristics to show if the stone is genuine, depending on its physical properties. In addition, the tester includes a small, needle-like tip placed on the diamond to tell if it is real or fake.

How Does A Diamond Tester Work?

A diamond tester uses a heated needle tip to cause heat transference when placed on the stone. This is based on the tester's principle of operation, where different gemstones have varying degrees of chemical structure that allow them to conduct heat and electricity inversely. When testing, the tip is placed on the diamond, allowing the heat to pass through the diamond.

The device detects heat rate transfer through the stone, telling whether it is a natural diamond. Modern diamond testers use electrical conductivity to let you know if you are dealing with a genuine stone. If the diamond is real, the device will indicate it on display and give a one-off sound signal.

Are Diamond Testers Accurate

Diamond testers are perhaps the most accurate and reliable instruments to test the authenticity of a diamond. However, testers that measure thermal conductivity cannot tell an authentic diamond from moissanite because these gems are similar in heat transfer. Therefore, considering a diamond tester that gauges electrical conductivity makes the test more accurate in determining the genuineness of diamonds.


With several methods and ideas to tell if a diamond is fake or not, electrical conductivity diamond testers are more reliable and accurate tools to show the authenticity of diamond stones. Besides, the latest models have become more effective at detecting metal surfaces if you touch a metal instead of a diamond.

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