Growing up in Turkey, becoming a jeweler was far from the thoughts and dreams of a young Gurhan Orhan. Instead, always the “discoverer,” Gurhan pursued a variety of eclectic interests which included building hi-fi equipment, making watches in Switzerland and even operating a rock bar in Turkey. It was only when he held a piece of 24K gold that his passion for jewelry was born. It was in this sheet of shimmering metal (still carried in his wallet today!) that Gurhan envisioned a unique brand of jewelry transcending simple design; a brand connecting his customer with the values of ancient cultures.

Often referred to as a maverick, Gurhan defied the common wisdom advising him against working in 24K gold.  It’s too soft, he was told. It’s too heavy and customers will never buy it, he heard time and time again. But Gurhan disagreed and studied the ancient craftsmen who were responsible for producing some of the world’s most magnificent and precious creations. By incorporating their techniques, Gurhan developed his own unique method of design and began producing designs that quickly gained popularity in the shops and bazaars around Turkey.